18 februari 2013

Creating with Sketches vol 2

Time to Preorder Your Copy of Volume 2

Kristine Davidson says; "I am so excited to announce that my second Sketchbook is in the process of being created! The publishing date is scheduled for March 5th and will be available for purchase shortly after that date." 
If you are interested in a printed version, and want your copy prior to being release to the public, now is your time to preorder! 
With a preorder you will SAVE 10% off the Cover price, and get your copy as soon as it arrives from the printers! ALSO, as an added BONUS you get a digital Copy FREE!!! 

This sketchbook will have 125 NEW Never Before seen sketches, 55 International Designers, and of course so many Creative Possibilities.
Sketches include Single Pages 12x12, Double Pages, Project Life, 8.5 x 11 and of course so much more! 
More information can be found here!

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