7 augusti 2013

Infinity Art Journal

The story behind these art journal pages are quite special. I found the SODAlicious art journal challenge no 32 while working night and the focus word was SO suitable. Working for 10 hours during the night when everyone´s asleep can really feel lika an Infinity!

What I did was that I looked around work and picked up bits and pieces that would form my journal. The base is a plain glossary book. I filled the pages with images from magazines I found laying around. Then painted, scribbled, added Tippex (whiteout) and some surgery tape. The result was rather good concidering the lack of "normal" craft supplies. The SODAlicous products where added when I came home.

2 kommentarer:

Lisa Rukin Swift sa...

Amazing pages!

Sara sa...


Gillar den massor. :) Du bevisar att man inte behöver några speciella saker för att vara kreativ.