8 augusti 2014

Quotes - August Designer Challenge for Linnie Blooms

I must admit that I´m not a big fan of quotes. But I´m always up for a challenge. One quote that has stuck into my mind and one that I sort live by "Sweat is fat crying". I love to work out at the gym!

I made this layout using mixed media techniques. The background was made with a lot of gesso and paint splatters with really wet metallic water paint. I used a Linnie Blooms canvas shape that I stamped on with permanent ink as a backdrop for my photo. The Linnie Blooms canvas butterfly was painted with the same metallic paint as I dribbled on the background.

The buttons and chipboard was a variety of colors, so I covered them with a thin layer of gesso to hold it all together.

The picture was taken at my local gym - Victory Gym.

Have a really nice day - and from a nutty Cardiac Nurse - move and think of what you eat!


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