16 februari 2015

Awersome - Canvas Corp Brands

When I was little coloring was one of those things that could keep me occupied for hours. When I was a bit younger than I am today, I often found myself with some younger relatives coloring books surrounded by the little big eyed owners. I even got a Mermaild´s Coloring book for my 25th birthday….. Well imagine what happened when I got my hands on the Tattered Tangles!

The Tattered Tangles are printed on mistable paper that is really heavy and give your colors a perfect base. You can use the papers as they are or cut them up to fit your project. I choose to cut up my paper and use if for a mixed media layout. If you head over to the Canvas Corp Brands Blog you can follow my Step-by-step on how I made the layout down below.

I hope that I have inspiered you to try out different ways of using the Tattered Tangles products!
Products from Canvas Corp:
Tattered Angels Tattered Tangles 12×12 paper

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