24 juni 2015

Baby Boy Album - Canvas Corp Brands

Canvas Corp Brands released their Baby Boy Line Snipets n´Snails yesterday. I really versatile line that mix well with their other new releases. Today I´m sharing a album made for the release.


About this time last year a heartbreaking story was told in our home. The story of a young couple that lost their newborn son in a horrible disease called Epidermolysis bullosa. The mother of the child was one of my collegues and everyone at my work was really touched and sad about what happend. After everything they gone trough the couple descided to try and have another child. And with extensive research and test from local genetics they did it! This fall little Arvid will have a little brother. This album was made for the parents to write memories about him and his brother in.

I have used a 5x7 Tabbed book togheter with patterned papers and tags from the Snips n´ Snails Tags.

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Åsa (asali) sa...

Såg din Insta giveaway o hoppas på tur :)

Unknown sa...

Hi. I'm @purplenailbandit from Instagram. I'm excited about your fun giveaway!