2 november 2015

Dragonfly Book - IndigoBlu

If someone should have told me to do any kind of off the page project a couple of years ago I would just have laughed. Until the past two years it has not been my kind of thing. Not at all. But now - now I just love experimenting with the most unexpected items.

I did a similar book like this one a some year ago and really loved how it turned out. As I got my hands on the Indigoblu Acrylics and Mega Flakes I really wanted to try them for a similar project. If you ask me it turned out fab! Please visit the IndigoBlu blog for a list of products used.

I used GeeSso Good White gesso to prep the book for the paints, then I painted layers of Acrylics and blended them togheter with the help of water and a brush. To add more dept and interest in the book I randomly stamped with the Raindroplets stamp, Flitter Glu & Mega Flakes. I also applied Flitter Glu trough the Texture Stencil and then applied more Mega Flakes.

The Dragonfly was made using gears from my "mixed media drawer".


The pocket in the middle of the book was cut out with a craft knife, painted with Acrylics and then stamped with the house stamp from the Snow Globe set.

More gears added and painted with Actylics. Hope you enjoyed my little book. Thanks for your visit today!

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Jenny Marples sa...

This is an absolutely gorgeous and clever project! Love it! Jenny x