4 november 2015

Happy Clogs - Canvas Corp Brands

I still remember the painted clogs my mother bought me when I was four years old. She had been on a trip to our capital and came home with them. They where the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The little boutique she bought them in still exist and I stay by their window to look at the beautiful hand painted things as soon as I visit the Old Town in Stockholm.

When I found a pair of plain black clogs for my daughter I came up with the idea of using the Decor & DIY Paints to bring them into something extra.

Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint is the perfect paint choice for reusing, repurposing, refinishing, redoing, reclaiming, redecorating or simply painting great decor and creative projects. Tattered Angels Decor and DIY paint offers a good quality, high performing paint that appeals to the most flexible range of do-it-yourself, decorating and craft painting. Paints are sold in 8 ounce containers and are available in 28 fresh, trendy colors. I have used the colors Ruby, Viridian, Saffron and Jade. You can also blend them to create your own colors. Tattered Angles High Impact Paints are also a great choice for painting shoes as both of them wear well, can get wet and have a great finish when dry.

My skills in hand painting flowers are not the best, but the texture and coverage of the Decor & DIY paints made this project easy. Hopefully my daughter will remember them with as much joy as I do with mine.

Thank you for your visit today!

Products from Tattered Angels, Moheda (clogs).

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