12 april 2016

Heirloom Canvas - Canvas Corp Brands Crew

Making a monochromatic project is a perfect way to explore new (and old) products. The choose of color could be made with inspiration from a picture, a feeling or maybe a new product line you want to play with. When you decide what color to use, it leads you to search trough your collected material to find suitable things to use. This is what happened when this canvas was crated.

The new Heirloom Collection from Canvas Home Basic consists of black and white papers with a heritage team. The choose of using the Pen and Ink paper made it natural to use black, grey and white for this project, and Canvas Corp Brands has a many suitable products for this color scheme. A 8x8 Natural Canvas was prayed with water, Glimmer & Baseboard Mist and splatters om Glimmer Glaze to form the base for the project. Modeling paste applied through a rose stencil from IndigoBlu was painted with Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Mist to add a bit of texture and shifting color.

Cut outs from the Pen & Ink paper makes a focal point together with the heritage picture and the leader cord.

Painting the glass glitter with Glimmer Glam makes it sparkle even more.


To find out in detail how the canvas was made - please view this video! 

Thank your for your visit today! 

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Jenny Marples sa...

Simply stunning Marie! Love the b&w look x