1 april 2016

Love Life Canvas - IndigoBlu Design Team

You can call this piece a spontaneous mix of IndigoBlu love because that is pretty much what it is. I have mixed some of my favourite IndigoBlu products in a totally unplanned way and this small canvas is what came out of it.

The base is a 10x10 cm cheap canvas that I primed with GeeSso Good Gesso. Then I started applying Acrylics randomly over the surface. Both with a really wet and a dry brush.

After the first layer was dry I used the Weird Science stencil as template for my drawings. When finished I felt that the black pattern was to bold so I applied more paint and dabbed with a baby wipe over the drawings to get them a bit viewable under the paint.

After some more drying I applied more of the GeeSso good gesso, but wiped off most of it with another baby wipe. This way I got a milky feeling all over the bright paint.

I finished with painting small white dots by using the Wierd Science stencil again. The bigger white circles was drawn by hand with a white marker and the script stamped with the text stamp from the Tasty Textures stamp set. The wood alphas was painted with yellow acrylics to really pop.

As you can see the canvas shimmer a bit from the Metallic Acrylics I used.

Thank you for your visit today.

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