16 juni 2016

Canvas Corp Brands New Social Media Team

I have some exciting news! 

I am now the Game Runner for Canvas Corp Brands, LLC

Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) is the parent company of 7gypsies,Tattered Angels, and Canvas Corp (or Canvas Home Basics). It is based in Springdale, Arkansas and owned by Randy and Christine Meier. Most of the products they carry are made at their facility in Springdale while a few things are sourced globally for more variety. 

CCB has a fantastic blog that provides a daily dose of inspiration, an online shop where you can pick up one of each of all their product lines, and an actual outlet store there in Springdale where you can find some incredible bargains on craft supplies or attend classes and workshops such as Ken Oliver's very first Pop-Up Workshop featuring his incredible Color Burst Watercolors 

I joined CCB's design team (The Creative Crew) 2015 and got to know their products a lot better. I was impressed with the quality, style, and variety of their offerings.

 Here is the team and all of our roles:

Christine Meier - Team Leader and Storyteller
Shannon Green - Social Connector
Lynne Forsythe - Projects Champion
Marie Johansson - Game Runner
Jorunn Langås and Lena Holmström - Gypsy Brand Warrior
Marie Heiderscheit - Canvas Brand Warrior
Erin Reed - Angel Brand Warrior 

 We have some exciting things planned including lots of challenges, giveaways, contests, and games that anyone can participate in.

If you're worried that this might change some of the things I'm already doing you can rest easy. I will still be a part of the 7 Dots Studio & Scrap FX team. And I will work as Social Media and Design Team Coordinator for Berry71Bleu. Words & Paintery will still  be alive and kicking! All of this really works well togheter – the products from the other brands works really well with the products under the Canvas Corp Brands Umbrella. And as I´m game planning – well – I kind of got the experience ….

You won't want to miss out on all the fun so make sure you follow/subscribe/stalk all the brands on all their social media outlets. I'll provide a nice tidy list of links for you below. Then fasten your seat belt for what comes next. We're making this up as we go along so there's no telling what could happen!  

Blog (The Creative Studio): http://blog.canvascorpbrands.com/ 




Facebook Group (The Collective):https://www.facebook.com/groups/1124592877561970/


3 kommentarer:

Shannon Green sa...

I am SO excited to be on this team with you, Marie! We are going to have some fantastic adventures :)

Mandy: Less is Bore! sa...

You make it sound easy though it must take up a great deal of time!
Sounds great, love being on the ccb team!

Mandy: Less is Bore! sa...

You make it sound easy though it must take up a great deal of time!
Sounds great, love being on the ccb team!