1 mars 2017

Slope Style - Scrap FX Design Team

I´m here today to share my new layout for Scrap FX - a layout that celebrate our family´s love of downhill skiing. I have been working with the Skiers & the Imagine Phrase Stencil, that both fits perfect for this project.

I built my page on a plain white cardstock that I added water colors and strips of leftover papers to. Then stamped on with black ink before I applied the Imagine Phrase. To do that I simply drew with a Marker in the cut words. Easy pacey – just be sure that your background is completely dry before you start – otherwise the marker will bleed.

As you can see the chipboard skiers has a paint structure to them. I made that by adding layers of paint with my finger tip – like dry brushing with a finger. I choose the colors to be a bit 80´s – the grand era of down hill skiing (slalom as we call it) for my partner and I….

A couple of black round acrylic circles add more structure to the page. And I love how it looks like the skiers actually ski on the page itself.

Sadly there is not snow here right now so we only dream of going down that hill…

Thanks for your visit today!

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