18 mars 2017

Steampunk Hangings - Scrap FX Design Team

I´m here today to share an idea for an alternative use for your Scrap FX Chipboards. I really love the Fob Watch Butterfly & the Steampunk Seahorse but had trouble finding the perfect project for them. Then I came up with the idea of just hanging them up in a string in the window.

Well, I did not actually “just” hang them in the window. As a true crafter I had to do a little “job” on them first. A couple of layers of Tattered Angels High Impact metallic paint, crackle paste & gem stones add that extra flair to the hangings.

I painted the butterfly by using my finger tip. I find using a brush is difficult since the paint will find it´s way into all the delicate gaps in the chipboard and clog them up. The finger works perfect (If you don´t care that you go to work looking like a painter the day after…).

The sea horse has two “layers” of chipboard. I painted the smoothe horse with blue paint and then added crackle paste and left to dry over night. When safely dry I added the gear “top” that I first painted with gold & copper paint. I used the same “finger” technique this time. The gem stones looks perfect as eyes, and I love the fine, fine detailing on the seahorse.

I hope I inspired you to try different ways of using your Scrap FX Chipboards. I will surely do this again, loved the result!

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