13 oktober 2017

"Deer Dome" - "Crystal Beauty" - Joint project "Creative Art"

Today this post is about Mixed Media & Arts Joint Project "Creative Art".

Today our second stage is dedicated to transparent elements! Here we again give freedom to your inner artist and offer to play with transparent non-scrap materials. It can be glass, acrylic, and bottles ... The main thing is to look for materials among ordinary things. You can add other transparent elements, just one of them will not be from the scrap store All the rest in any materials and in any form. In your work there should be ONE transparent element NOT from scrapbooking and one more obligatory element of this stage is CIRCLES. It can be in any form and from any materials. You can make any project and any format.

This was a really interesting and hard task for me but I really love a challenge. I went to my local Flea Market to search for items and found glass that would work perfect as the transparent element. Now to the circles - that was not an easy thing - but I imagined that instead of circled I could use circular shapes. For this I found an old candle holder with a circular base and some other odd items with circular shapes. I also realized that the foot of the glass was a circle... Sometimes you really have to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone when creating. This is what I did with my Flea Market findings :

Please Watch my video tutorial on how this piece was crated.

I hope you will join us for this fun event!

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Tracy Welham sa...

Really beautiful piece of work. Creative Blessings Tracy x