23 oktober 2012

Simple Arty Tags

It is easy peasy to make a couple of cool tags just using a few simple products and stuff from your stash.
This is what you need:

Mist or spray paint of some sort, simple tags, stamps, stamp pad, (embossing powder).

1-4. Spray over the tags with the lightest color first. I usually place the tags beside each other. I finish up the misting with the darkest color that I platter randomly over the tags.

5-7. When the mist is dry (you can help the process with a heating tool) I use my stamps. A tip is to use a permanent ink if you have shimmering mists on the tags. Otherwise it won´t stick. These tags are small, and the border stamp are much longer than one single tag, therefor I have placed the tags side by side to use the whole image. If you want to use embossing powder, you just do as you normally do when applying it.

After drying a while the tags are ready to be used on your project. I´ve used them on these match boxes.