27 februari 2014

My Favorite things - SST round 3.

I´m still in the Supreme Scrap Tournament - yay - and we are now down to a few ladies in round two. I really must say that his challenge was a tricky one. I don´t doodle any much on my pages... Well this is how it turned out.

 I doodled with a black pen on the background, and then colored it with a couple of happy colors.

 The challenge required a 4 photos, and I choose to place my four as a collage in one spot of the page.  Doodelings on the page was required which is the hanging spider and the heart.

 The titel is hand written directly on the page in a flower power inspired way.

And the journal contents more than 20 words and are written by hand along one side of my doodeled pattern.

1 kommentar:

Anonym sa...

Beautifully well done!!! Love your doodling and clever play on the 4 photos! Good luck in round 3!