20 maj 2015

Heart like yours canvas {video} - Berry71Bleu

Being a mother is really something special. A lifetime of responsibilities and worries but also a life filled with joy and endless love. My two kids is the best thing that ever happened to  me and I can´t imagine life without them in it.  

When I got my first child - Max now 11 yo - my mother said to me that what every you do - put yourself first. A happy mother is a better mother than one that sacrifices her own personality for her children. I often think about what she said. Many of my so called friends love their kids but has turned into bitter ladies that just nag about everything. They do not have any "own" interests left, just keeping the household in shape. I do have a really messy house, we do eat out a lot, and my windows are so dirty that you can´t see trough them - but I embrace life and the things I love. I craft. I exercise. I go to fancy restaurants and I have time to fool around with my kids on the lawn. Thank YOU MOM for the advice you gave me 11 years ago.

The quote on this canvas made me think of  motherhood and what I feel for my kids. I made the canvas for Berry71Bleu´s May Challenge "All about Mom".

And a little video treat!

Products from Tattered Angels, Zeus & Zoe, 7 Dot´s Studio, Prima Marketing, Um Wow Studio.

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