1 september 2017

Capture the Moment Box - Scrap FX Design Team

Hello crafty souls! Sharing my new project for Scrap FX today.

I live really close to the sea – in fact I see it from our windows – and I love everything about the sea. I could not live further into the country – I panic when I am to far from water… The sea was the inspiration from these two pieces done with the Mercator Flourish, the Rolling Waves & the Sandy Toes Sunkissed Nose wordlet.

This object is a decorated cardboard box. My girl likes to collect shells and they lay all around. I was thinking that a nice little box would keep them gathered… The box was painted with black matte gesso and then the lid was covered with a piece of patterned paper & the Mercator Flourish. The Chipboard piece was painted in two steps (light paint first, dark thereafter) to archive interest and dept.

Details below:

Thank you for your visit today!

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